I love the words of Singer songwriter Terry Jacks

I love the words of Singer songwriter Terry Jacks when he said ” We have joy, we have fun.we all have OUR season in the sun, BUT those HILLS that we climb can BECOME those seasons out of time”. By Craig Walden

October 20, 2017

Does Winter,Summer,Spring,or Fall stay the same weather wise each year? “big no”
Economic times are like seasons, to they change
Do you know that in tough times , people still continue to make money , in good times there are people going broke
it’s hard, so hard in fact for people to see the BRIGHTER days ahead ” but one needs to realize ,that positive or negative events do happen in a person’s life for a reason ,we need to understand that after every downturn comes a time of prosperity & after prosperity comes a time of downturn

Become a master of your own destiny today.

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