MAP Workshops

M.A.P Coaching Personal Dreams and Goals Work Book  2017.

Purpose: The 10 exercise work booklet is simple and very user friendly and is like a mini navigational road map. All you have to do is fill in and complete the exercises  it will help you find direction and give you clarity to ask the right questions and gain the right answers.

From a personal achievement point of view it is hoped the booklet will guide you to take simple small steps on your journey  along with key  principles and help you to grow in confidence and build a solid base foundation to turn your dreams and goals into realistic and specific goals that take lst  priority in your life.

We should not procrastinate and wait another day, take action follow the 10 exercise steps create and follow the plan, stay focused and stay determined have the belief, faith, passion, desire, endurance, to reach and achieve your dreams.

If i can do it you can too.

A dream and goal cannot become one if it doesn’t have a beginning (a written starting point) and ending (timeframe).

Dreams and goals are married to each other and glued and bonded together by Time.

Workshop Seminars : Target Audience

  1. Personal 1 on 1 Mentoring
  2. High school and College Events,
  3. Youth Mentoring Groups sessions
  4. Community Organisations, Government, Sport Organisations
  5. Business, Real-Estate, Marketiing, Sales, Retail,Corprate Events
  6. Non – profit Charities and Church Organisation Groups
  7. Health and fitness Organisations.
  8. Unitech-University- Mentoring sessions
  9. Employment Work Based Training  Mentoring
  10. Prize giving – Graduations – Conferences – Conventions
  11. Adult Education