The best advice my dad ever gave me

The best advice my dad ever gave me Good – Better – Best -future dreams and goals are bright for everybody and anybody by Craig Walden “Future Dreams and Goals are bright for Everybody and Anybody”

November 10, 2017


By C.D Walden

Out playing cricket with dad one day and he said Craig the future is very bright for everyone in life  i say this, because you are great at sport, what else are you great at.

Always remember you have to work hard and dream to believe who knows what you may become Good – Better – Best never let it rest

Here are Questions about your future you must take into consideration to ponder over for today

1 Where are you at RIGHT now in your life?
2 What will you achieve tomorrow that will make a big difference for you?
3 “Better still what’s your future looking like in 1-2-5 years time?”

If you don’t know what it is you want ,then in 1-2-5 years time
You will be 1-2-5 years older and still at the same place you are now.

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